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The best of the budget

Posted by alicocksworth on April 23, 2009

The dizzying numbers and near constant stream of leaks around the ’09 budget meant the press were always going to have an unqualified field day. But the 50p tax rate  (and the fact that David Cameron seems to have lost the power of normal speech as his rebuttal consisted entirely of soundbites) has prompted some exciting and valuable debate.

Please find some of the top tid-bits below:

Jackie Ashley at The Guardian provides a useful analysis of the 50p tax rate as a political gamble.

The FT’s take on the political partnership between Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling

The Telegraph (believe it or not) carries a piece from Mary Riddell hailing the ‘Robin Hood budget’ – athough she seems a bit wistful that it hadn’t been delivered sooner.

James MacIntyre at The New Statesman welcomes ‘Labour’s bold budget’ and proclaims that Labour have changed the rules of the game.

Gillian Tett’s chocolate tuppence is definitely worth a look.

Vince Cable critiques the growth forecasts outlined and the political tokenism of the 50% tax rate.

John Kampfner discusses the demise of New Labour in The Evening Standard


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