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Will history be made at tomorrow’s G20 Summit?

Posted by Chris Clarke on April 1, 2009

Tomorrow’s gathering of world leaders at the G20 summit has the potential to make history.  It could be seen as the day that the Anglo-Saxon model prevailed despite being on a life support machine or the day which speeded up the shift of economic and political power from the West to the East. 

However, there is, as is always the case at such international summits, a third alternative.  And that is that each delegation will revert to form and retreat to a comfortable and tested position, the French and Germans seem to be doing quite well on this front at the moment. 

It is highly unlikely that there will be such profound disagreement to prevent some agreed position being developed.  However, what is likely – and arguably more damaging in the long term – will be yet another bland and fudged communiqué with little lasting impact. 

With each country delegation only having the opportunity to speak for 15 minutes tomorrow (most of which will have been carefully scripted in advance) what difference can a day make? 

Let’s hope the diplomatic effort, not to mention the money, that has been invested beforehand pays off. 

Without doubt, we are entering a new age which will affect how businesses do business, how consumers consume and how governments govern.  Tomorrow will be the test of whether world leaders are able to pathfind effectively in to this new age and discard outdated thinking.

Tomorrow is the opportunity for world leaders to demonstrate they are able to cast aside narrow self-interest to restabilie the global economy – perhaps for the first time.


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