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London Leaders

Posted by Helen on October 10, 2008

The London Leaders programme was created by the London Sustainable Development Commission in 2007 to promote sustainability in the city. 15 inspirational Londoners were appointed to act as sustainability champions in their respective fields and communities.

One of the Leaders performs with her band

One of the Leaders performs with her band

Clarke Mulder Purdie was appointed to conduct a media campaign to profile the individuals and support the leaders in their pledges. The leaders themselves include an ex-circus performer turned green roof expert; a Bangladeshi immigrant running a gardening and cookery club at Spitalfields City Farm; the Head of Arts from the RSA, and a businessman working to reduce fuel bills for low-income homes. This wide variety of backgrounds meant engaging media from a number of sectors – from BBC Asian Network radio to the construction and architecture magazine Building. At the launch of the programme coverage was achieved with BBC London news, the Evening Standard, Metro and the London Paper.

It can be hard to weave the social, environmental and economic strands of sustainability into one coherent message, especially while trying to tell 15 different stories which each make up a part of the whole. Luckily, the way in which the Leaders worked together within the group illustrated the symbiotic nature of the three strands – uniting on projects to extend the original remit of the programme. The programme itself is ongoing, with plans to recruit new Leaders each year to add to the existing community across London.
Working with the London Leaders proved that the best way to spread an inspirational message is to start locally and build the momentum across different communities, creating spheres of support, small at first, but growing until they overlap and cover the city.

For more information: tel 0207 401 8001 or click here.


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