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Escher’s Relativity and Terminal 5

Posted by Helen on July 17, 2008

Sarah Mulder writes . . .

Poor old Terminal 5. Its been one of the most spectacular PR disasters over the last year, from the letters to the most valued frequent flyers before it opened promising a world class experience only to launch in abject chaos, to the continued problems with baggage control that the powers that be promise are nearly taken care of. However on the flip side, it has piqued a certain interest to go and see it for oneself; what does it look like? Will it be ‘different’? Is it really fixed now? So imagine my delight to find out that on the way back from a recent trip to Paris that my flight would not be coming into boring old T1 but would be arriving at the brand spanking new T5. It was sleek, huge and seems to have incorporated all forms of transport they could think of – trains, lifts and travelators that impressively travel over humps (although why, I am not quite sure?). The thing I found most interesting though bizarrely were the escalators. Distinctly reminiscent of a classic caper where the baddie is on the escalator just over there and when you finally work out how to get there, the escapee is somehow on the one above you and a bit to the left. My personal theory is that that someone with a penchant for Escher’s Relativity drawing got their hands on the main atrium. . .

Overall conclusion? Not as many visible gadgets as I had imagined (although I did like the car spotter device in the car park that helps you to find your car somehow from your number plate for people that have wandered off and forgotten where they parked) but I was out of there in record time which is never a bad thing on your way home.


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