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Are we facing an internet crunch?

Posted by Mona on July 9, 2008

Chris Clarke writes:

Are we facing an internet crunch? 

Last night, I attended an event, hosted by Spiked, which looked at the topic of whether or not we are facing an ‘internet crunch’.  The debate has become more urgent as users are downloading video and audio content in greater volume than ever before.  The discussion raised some important points about how bandwidth is charged, the impact of emerging markets and how major players such as regulators, network providers, ISPs and mobile providers can ensure we continue to get the bandwidth not just that we need – but bandwidth that allows us complete freedom to access what we want at any time.  

At times, the debate threatened to confuse more than enlighten those of us in the audience not too familiar with some of the deepest internet acronyms and technologies.  However, the speakers and the contributions from the audience shone a spotlight on some of big prickly issues which will continue to dominate the industry – and the media agenda – for some time to come.

For a full write up of the discussion go to:


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