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Tables turned…

Posted by amandapurdie on June 30, 2008

So much of the life of the PR professional is lived as the power behind the throne that it can be a shock to the system when the full glare of publicity actually swings round onto you instead. My extremely talented colleague Helen has just been splashed across the eminent built environment title – Building. She had been hosting a meeting of the London Sustainable Development Commission’s London Leaders for the “Building Buys a Pint section“. Clearly delighted to have two extremely personable young women on his hands instead of the usual grizzled building types the journalist couldn’t resist including Helen in his report and photo montage. She is horrified of course, while the rest of us are very much enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. My only claims to fame in this department are some desultory appearances in PR Week and the FT letters to the editor column.


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