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Just call me Cinderella. . .

Posted by amandapurdie on June 25, 2008


Despite my extensive PR career I have not yet been able to come up with the answer to successfully moving from day wear to evening wear with just a clever little tweak in accessories. Last week once again I was faced with a question of Cinderella-esque proportions of how to transform my usual power suit into an exquisite little ball dress in the back of a taxi in time to get to a black tie dinner.

The situation was exacerbated by the fact that first I had to be at City Hall for a ceremony to mark the six month milestone of the London Leaders programme for the London Sustainable Development Commission. We launched this initiative last year and are managing the call for more people to sign up. There were some really great speeches from people including Dusty Gedge who is campaigning for more London companies to have living roofs, and Lutfun Hussein from the Coriander Club who is working with the Bangladeshi community. There was also a band led by youth worker Ife Piankhi.

Then straight away after this it was on to the London Chamber of Commerce Annual Property and Construction dinner at Claridges. In the absence of a fairy godmother I’m afraid that the best I could come up with to transform my outfit was lots of red lipstick and a big necklace. The dinner was great and the keynote speech from Howard Shiplee, Director of Construction for the Olympic Delivery Authority was fascinating. I met some really interesting people and no-one seemed to notice my lack of ball gown. I even managed to get home before midnight!


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