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How to make boys wear flowers

Posted by Emily on May 28, 2008

When I hear the words ‘4th birthday party’ a terrible image is evoked in my mind. It is one of clowns, ice cream, bouncy castles, crying, twiglets and reckless children screaming at full volume for reasons beyond my comprehension. This is what I imagine the inner circle of hell is like.

Chris Clarke So I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I found myself looking forward to a 4th birthday party two weeks ago [yes, this post is late but Wireless 08 has dominated my To Do list – don’t hurt me Emily! – ed]. This is because the birthday was not one of a sticky child but of the company. Clarke Mulder Purdie is officially 4 years old this month. The celebration was to be held in a Cuban restaurant and that inevitably lead to the involvement of one thing. Mojitos.

Even the incomparably useless waitress who managed to drop 3 of our drinks on the floor in the space of an hour could not dampen our spirits. The party favours came in the shape of miniature bottles of tequila and artificial flowers which I am still surprised to say the men wore with relish. Apparently if you attach something to alcohol men seem a lot more willing to involve themselves in it.

Sarah Mulder Sarah gave a touching toast and one of our team who is notorious for offending people without meaning to was on fantastic form. I’ll admit that the green shots may have been a mistake but at least we’ll know that for next time.

Amanda Purdie

I am pleased to say that the night reflected the reason we were all there: a celebration of the success that has come from the skill, hard work and dedication of the team. I would like to offer sincere congratulations to Chris, Sarah and Amanda for all they have achieved and the impressive company they have built. They deserve all the success they continue to work so hard for.

Happy Birthday Clarke Mulder Purdie!

[For those of you who can’t get enough of our lovely faces, there are more photos on our Facebook group – ed]


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