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Google really will rule the world…

Posted by Graham Hayday on November 7, 2007

I remember having a conversation with an old colleague of mine a few years ago. (It was John Oates of The Register, in case you’re interested).

He’d been to see Google, and had come back with a strange expression on his face – part awe, part fear.

If memory serves, his main thrust was that Google was soon going to rule the world.

And if this piece on TechCrunch is anything to go by, he wasn’t wrong – Google’s getting everywhere these days.

“Google’s quest to be everywhere continues to grow with news that the Mountain View search giant will today announce a new deal that will see motorists in the United States hooking up to Google at the gas station.

Pumps made by Gilbarco Veeder-Root Inc will include an internet connection and will display Google Maps on a small color screen. Motorists will be able to obtain directions to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, or other local landmarks as specified by the gas station owner and get a print out from the pump to take with them.”

I can still remember the days when you got Green Shield Stamps with your petrol, or possibly a free drinking glass from Esso…

I don’t know why, but I find this move slightly sinister. Up until now, it’s been my choice whether or not I engage with the Google brand. Now, its technology will be unavoidable for anyone filling their car up with petrol at the affected garages. And I’m not sure I like the sound of that.

Still, it’s an inspired bit of marketing, and one that benefits consumers, so everyone’s a winner. Apart from MultiMap, StreetMap, the AtoZ Map Company etc etc…


One Response to “Google really will rule the world…”

  1. David said

    Of course they are. Nobody else is creating anything new.

    Only now people are truly becoming online, with their always on smartphones. And who have the best platform integrated to this new virtual world? Google with Android.

    You walk on the Broadway ave. You point your Android phone and fire up the Google Places. The camera become an “augmented reality” eye. Then, various places come up as an overlay on the screen. You rotate the phone and new places appear because of the digital compass and GPS on the phone, giving you voice guided directions. You read reviews powered by Google Places. You find a place to eat and scan the barcode (Favorite Places) and read the Google reviews. You may even scan a Google-exclusive coupon for pizza discount. Then, you walk in and your phone communicates with the store applying the discount automagically. You eat the pizza and your phone automatically pays with Google Checkout without you doing anything, credited on your Google/VISA credit card. Your phone just asks you to rate the pizza and you say “5 star”, and then your phone updates the Google review database about that restaurant.

    Most of these services are already up and running. And I guess the Google/VISA credit card may be cooking on the Mountain View Googleplex just as we speak, who knows…

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