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A Twitter ‘fountain’ in Second Life

Posted by Graham Hayday on November 1, 2007

I’m not prone to geeky rushes of enthusiasm when presented with something ‘cool’ on the web, but this has just made me utter the kind of sound children make at firework displays. 

It’s a virtual ‘Twitter fountain’.

According to the press blurb from Daden Ltd (the company that developed it), the fountain takes’s public postings and “displays them in Second Life as bubbles drifting up from the fountain. The bubbles float up under the influence of Second Life’s physics. Set in peaceful gardens, within a pool of Koi carp, each tweet bubble that rises from the fountain is a unique snapshot of individual thoughts at that moment in time. As each bubble rises, slightly different impulses ensure that they drift away from the Twitter Fountain as randomly as the tweets they contain.”

This YouTube demo will give you the general idea…

If you’re in Second Life have a look at the demo on the Daden Prime sim at 202,101, 24.

The SLURL is: life/daden prime/202/101/24, or teleport to Daden Prime (find it under Places or Map).


One Response to “A Twitter ‘fountain’ in Second Life”

  1. Lawrence said

    This is bad news for information professionals.

    Not only they have to worry about delivering content online, on mobiles and print, but now as bubbles in meta-environments too!

    The next step, though, is getting Second Life content outside what is quite a difficult medium to reach (application download, registration, learning to fly, etc…)

    Imagine this, though. You’re on website and notice a Flash-like advert showing some kind of scene. You click on it and suddenly you’re controlling an avatar in a 3D world and interacting real time with the products and other product users.

    As twitter bubbles fly by.

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