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More on the drumming gorilla…

Posted by Graham Hayday on October 1, 2007

In a post last week I suggested that the viral nirvana achieved by Cadbury’s drumming gorilla could not have been planned.

The senior brass at Fallon, the creative agency behind the ad, are interviewed in the Media Guardian today, and suggest that this was indeed the case.

The article neatly paraphrases Fallon’s approach:

“With most agencies still getting to grips with the multimedia world, Fallon’s argument is that you just have to be very entertaining and the medium may do the rest for you.”

The use of the word ‘may’ is instructive. There are no guarantees with web 2.0.

Fallon’s argument could be said to apply to all communications (including PR). Even in B2B land, where being informative can take precedence over being entertaining, this phrase still has resonance.

It suggests that we need to forget about the medium, and focus on the message. If the content’s good enough, the web 2.0 world may do the rest.


2 Responses to “More on the drumming gorilla…”

  1. Absolutely Graham. Has anyone ever really doubted that content is still king, whatever the publishing medium?

    If they have, they need a slap.

  2. Fair question, TWL. Probably not, so I’ll keep my happy slapping hands to myself for the time being. But I’d say that several people in our lovely line of work do sometimes put the cart before the horse (I love a cliche, me). Why else would a PR agency create a standalone new media division with its own brand and everything? That smacks of putting too great an emphasis on the medium to me.
    Why would they do this? It’s either a) because they’ve missed the point and don’t realise that integration’s where it’s at these days (call it media neutrality if you must), or b) because they think a lot of clients are prepared to pay for online-only campaigns. Which they probably are. And I couldn’t possibly comment on whether they need a slap or not, just in case we pick up an online-only account in the near future…

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