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Putting a price on cool

Posted by Graham Hayday on September 18, 2007

The ‘coolest’ brand in the UK is Aston Martin, according to a survey on advertising from YouGov and the CoolBrands Council.

Apple’s iPod came second in the poll.

Apple spent £5.3m on above-the-line media backing the brand in the past 12 months.

Aston Martin spent £3,239. That’s 0.06% of the iPod’s budget.

It seems major media spend can only get you so far.

While I’d love to say that Aston Martin’s coolness is the result of a cracking PR strategy, the truth is that the car itself is, and always has been, cool.

True, Bond-related product placements help (and who knows how much they cost Aston Martin?) But if 007 drove a Nissan Micra it wouldn’t automatically become cool overnight. James Bond simply ‘fits’ behind the wheel of an Aston. You could even say that the car helps him look cool.

Seth Godin frequently returns to this theme so my point is far from original, but ultimately it’s the product that counts. However big the media spend or however big the brains of the PR team, you can’t manufacture cool.

But we’d never say that in a pitch, would we?


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