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UK ad body bans Facebook for its ‘formal business’ (no, this isn’t a joke)

Posted by Graham Hayday on September 14, 2007

The Insititute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has banned its staff from using Facebook and any other social networking sites for business purposes.

The press release is here.

So that’s the trade body that is paid to represent the interests of the UK’s biggest advertising and media agencies (who are in the business of communications) banning what could prove to be the most significant communications tool to appear since the telephone. (OK, I’m exaggerating a teeny bit, but I’m still in a state of shock at the IPA’s decision). 

The rationale?

“The IPA believes that the lack of confidentiality and privacy involved in using social networking sites, rules them out as a means of carrying out IPA business.”

My favourite comment in the release is this:

“The IPA will however continue to communicate with its members and wider audience via e-mail, telephone calls, letters, e-newsletters…”

And carrier pigeon, presumably.


One Response to “UK ad body bans Facebook for its ‘formal business’ (no, this isn’t a joke)”

  1. Daljit B said

    I agree, given the problems that many of the IPA’s members have faced with advertising on Facebook in recent weeks this decision beggars belief! The IPA’s authority on this subject just goes straight out the window with this ban.

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